Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain (DN-PP) Program Registration

To register for the Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain program, please click on the course date below.

Questions? Contact Ms. Avelene Mahan, Course Coordinator, by phone at 855.209.1832 or by email at info@myopainseminars.com.

Course Program Dates

The Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain courses are held in Bethesda, MD, at our primary training location, and in Atlanta, GA.

DN-PP: Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain

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Dec 14-16, 2018, Atlanta, (Smyrna) GA

Feb. 8-10, 2019   Raleigh, NC  Please note:  this course starts at 3 pm on Day 1

May 31-June 2, 2019, Bethesda, MD


Course Fees & Discounts

Description Fees
DN-PP: Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain US $895


Casual and comfortable. Men are requested to bring shorts or bathing suits; women, shorts and halter tops, to wear for the practicum sessions. Attendees will practice on each other during the practicum sessions.

Participants must be prepared to expose the body region of study during practice to enhance the overall learning experience. Identification and treatment of myofascial trigger points requires short fingernails.


Every effort is made to teach and practice safe techniques under the supervision of our instructors. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of injury. Attendees will be required to sign a waiver absolving Myopain Seminars, the program directors and the instructors of any liability in the event of injury. Sample waiver form »