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Fascial Manipulation Photo GalleryThe FM-1 Level 1 Fascial Manipulation course consists of two three-day courses that need to be taken within 4-6 weeks of each other to assure a good understanding of the underlying biomechanical rationale and mastery of the techniques.

Course FM-1a will review the basic principles of Fascial Manipulation, including an introduction to fascial anatomy, and the biomechanical model employed in this method. The myofascial units that form the myofascial sequences of the upper limbs, trunk, and the lower limbs in the sagittal and frontal planes will be presented. The Assessment Chart used in Fascial Manipulation© will be reviewed in detail.

Course FM-1b will consist in the physiology of the fascial system and the assessment and treatment of the myofascial units for the upper limbs, trunk, and the lower limbs in the horizontal plane. At the completion of FM-1b all participants will be capable of utilizing the Assessment Chart for a 3D examination of the human fascial system. Proficiency in the comparative examination of Centers of Coordination will be stressed, as well as streamlining of treatment strategies.

Each day will begin at 8:30 am and finish around 6:00 pm. Each level will conclude with an examination to appraise the level of understanding and skill level.



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