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*  CPD Health Courses talks to Dry Needling expert Dr Jan Dommerholt

*  CPD Health Courses:  An interview with Dr Jan Dommerholt about Dry Needling (Feb 20, 2015)

*  Dry Needling is a Tool & Not a Discipline

*  How having a treatment framework can change everything – with Jan Dommerholt

*  What is Fascial Manipulation®?  Interview with Larry Steinbeck

*  Is stress a contributing factor in the formation of Trigger Points? Interview with Dr. Saleet Jafri

Video Clips

CSF Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Colloquium – Dr. Jan Dommerholt

Dr. Jan Dommerholt Webinar on “Physical Therapy for Ehlers-Danlos”

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Physical Therapy and Exercise

From Pain to Pain Free

The Community Spotlight, Episode 29
Dr. Andrew Ball, PT, PhD, DPT, one of the instructors of the Myopain Seminars Dry Needling course program, shares his views on physical therapy, dry needling, and chronic pain in a TV program “The Community Spotlight” in Charlotte, NC.

CRAFTA Basic Course including E-Learning

Back to Primal Posture

Larry Steinbeck: Fascial Manipulation Case Presentation—Lumbar Radiculopathy

Stew Wild: Active Manual Trigger Points Techniques for the Rotator Cuff

Myopain Seminars in the Netherlands (Can be viewed in HD and with captions)

Canine Dry Needling

Testimonial: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dry Needling

“Conquering Chronic Pain”
Bethesda Physiocare on NBC4 DC News, “News For Your Health”


Novant Health Shares A New Way To Treat Muscular Pain—“Dry Needling”
Erin Ball, PT, DPT is a graduate of the Myopain Seminars Dry Needling course program. She has assisted during several dry needling courses in North Carolina.