On the Dry Needling Course Program

Dr. Jan Dommerholt with the ATP Physiotherapists in London, UK“Last weekend the ATP Physiotherapists completed an intensive two-day trigger point dry needling course with Myopain Seminars taught by Jan Dommerholt. The course was outstanding. Dr. Dommerholt customized the program to target the specific musculature and treatment areas we encounter in treating elite level tennis players on the ATP World Tour. He provided us with a comprehensive background on trigger point dry needling coupled with practical hands on training for our staff of physiotherapists. His detailed teaching style enabled all our physios to quickly learn the technique and apply the information provided to their clinical practice. He was instantly able to work with physios who already had training in this type of treatment technique as well as those who had never done dry needling before. His lectures contained both clinical pearls as well as the current research and theoretical concepts available for trigger point dry needling. I would recommend this seminar for any physiotherapist who wants to integrate this type of treatment into their clinical practice. Dr. Dommerholt is a fantastic instructor and received accolades from our entire staff of physiotherapists throughout the course. The course materials he provided and additional resources and recommendations have allowed our staff to integrate this treatment following this intensive training course.”

—Todd S. Ellenbecker, DPT, MS, SCS, OCS, CSCS
Director of Sports Medicine, ATP World Tour

“This course has changed the entire paradigm of my treatment methodology and has opened the door for much better clinical efficacy as goals for pain reduction can be achieved in significantly fewer sessions!”

—Linda Looser, PT, Hamilton, MT

“Drs. Rob Stanborough and Michelle Layton did a great job. They were very organized and methodological in their teaching methods, which really helped me. It is very nice to get different instructors’ perspectives and methods.”

—Ahyoung Huff, PT, Kalispell, MT

“You have positively influenced—literally changed—my life in so many ways. You have opened a whole new world to me in so many realms: my practice, my excitement with seeing patients, the impact I can have. I am loving my chosen career again with the passion I had long ago.”

—Colleen Whiteford, PT, DPT
Appalachian Physical Therapy, Broadway, VA

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the amazing information and techniques that were shared by you at the AAOP pre conference course in Las Vegas (April 2011). Career changing and epiphany would be descriptors of how it has changed my practice even after just one course! At first a little skeptical, I now use intramuscular manual therapy in lieu of any modalities, prior to stretching, MFR or manipulative techniques.In just the last 3 months my practice has evolved to the point where requests from patients for Dry Needling has exceeded the time I have to help all those seeking to benefit from this amazingly powerful therapeutic intervention. With respect and appreciation …”

—Mark Strickland, PT, OCS, MTC, Cert MDT, CFC, CCTT
Associate Professor, Univ. of St. Augustine, FL
Multi Site Manager South TX, Physiotherapy Associates

“I would encourage healthcare providers who are exposed to patients in pain to consider this course. The experience will broaden your view.”

—Frank Layman, PT, Forest, VA

“Very informative, well designed course with immediate application to clinical practice. Dr. Dommerholt is an excellent and well-spoken lecturer with a gift for presenting materials from multiple disciplines in a clear and easy to follow manner with great ease and humor.”

—Kenneth John Fish, DC, Gaithersburg, MD

“I am grateful that I was part of a body of practitioners with such a rich and experiential background.”

—Joseph Tonzola, L.Ac., Toms River, NJ

“As a recent graduate and new to the profession of physical therapy, this course has helped to improve my palpation and examination skills, and will allow me to treat patients more effectively and efficiently.”

—Teoma L. Taylpr, PT, Hyattsville, MD

“The concepts and techniques learned in this course series have improved the outcomes I achieve with my patients. Patients are getting better faster with less post-treatment soreness, greater carry-over between visits, and quicker overall recovery!”

—J.J. Thomas, MPT

“I have studied other dry needling techniques, but nothing compares to the level of professionalism that Dr. Jan Dommerholt and Dr. Robert Gerwin showed in their courses. Their techniques are extremely helpful and well-organized. I highly recommend taking their series of courses.”

—Debbi Chartash, PT

“The DN course will have an immediate impact on my clinical practice. It has allowed me to see the whole patients and understand the relationship between the nervous system, the muscular system, and the environment.”

—Mark Stansberry, PT

“The course was amazing. I feel like a new practitioner with all the excitement and potential generated by the wealth of information presented. Thanks to you and Bob for being the second generation and the current reigning explorers in the field of myofacial pain.”

—Steve Pertes, PT, Lic Ac.

“We heard nothing but great comments from our attendees about the quality course you were able to bring to Kansas. Our attendees really felt that they learned information that they could take back to the workplace and apply in an everyday setting.”

—Susan Bechard, Chief Operations Officer, Kansas Physical Therapy Association

“The DN classes are much more than just trigger points and needling. Students learn how to safely treat patients and consider all aspects of their presentation embedded in an overall pain science perspective.”

—Matt Melotte, PT, DPT, Green Bay, WI

“Myopain Seminars and Jan Dommerholt have deepened my understanding of pain and my role in treating patients effectively.  I realize how much I did not know every time I attend a Myopain Seminars course.  I am thankful that our profession has Jan representing us.”

—Anonymous Physical Therapist, PT, MTC, Appleton, WI

“Don’t think that this course is just about sticking needles in patients.  The Myopain Seminars dry needling courses really helped me to look at pain and understand the various pain mechanisms in much more depth!”

—Andres Lengerich, PT, DPT, Fayettville, NC

“I really enjoyed Michelle Layton and Mandy Blackmon.  They were great together and have a lot of knowledge regarding the techniques and application of dry needling!

—Stevi Wheeler, PT, DPT, Covington, GA

On the Cranial Facial Treatment Academy (CRAFTA®)

“Thank you for bringing CRAFTA to the States.  I really value the high quality of education that Myopain Seminars provides and setting the bar higher for physical therapists that went to kip advancing in their field.  I really value the relationships and networking opportunities that I develop through class participation and instructors.  Thank you!”

—Dr. Grace Tang, PT, DPT, CCTT,  Morrisville, NC

“A fantastic, comprehensive course full of information to enhance clinical reasoning in the entire cranial region – for differential diagnoses and treatment!”

—Dr. Jason McElroy, PT, DPT, Boonsboro, MD

“Great diagnostic, practical and clear critical thinking skills all presented in an interesting and clear manner.  The use of case studies helps bring it all together so I know I can use it on Monday morning in the clinic.”

—Melita Hatton, BAppSc, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“This course was fantastic and well above my expectations.  The instructor, Michiel Trouw, provided all the the theory and research behind the CRAFTA techniques followed by teacher demonstrations and hands-on labs.  The online modules are great for reference and review of information and techniques learned in class.  I am so excited to have new ways to address a patient population that I could often help only temporary, but they would rebound.  Now I have the tools to address the source of pain.  Thank you Michiel and thank you Myopain Seminars for bringing CRAFTA to the US!”

—Jennifer Taylor, PT,MPT, COMT, Annapolis MD

“Headache patients deserve better treatment than what most get. This class provided learning and skills that are not taught by any other physical therapy – based provider.  It challenges the physical therapist to accept the complexity of the patient and treat accordingly.”

—Dr. Kathy Blair, PT, DPT, OCS, Casper, WY

On the Canine Trigger Point Therapy Program 

“The Introduction to Canine Trigger Points Course was the most impressive 2-day learning experience I have ever had. Trigger point therapy will help a majority of my chronic pain patients (and some of those I see ‘recovering’ from surgery who aren’t yet my patients as I work with surgeons). I am confident that this will transform my ability to treat patients.

“Rick Wall has devoted much time and energy to bring this modality to veterinary medicine in the US, and I can recommend the course to anyone who wants to recognize a source of treatable pain and dysfunction in their athletic patient or in the old multi-joint disabled dog. He blends personal observation, his extensive knowledge of physical exam, case description, video, demonstration, and practice together for a unique experience. Jan Dommerholt, a noted scholar in the field for humans, has a remarkable ability to bring everyone up to speed on the really complicated pathophysiology of pain, using scientific evidence, imagery and a really captivating lecture style. Both Rick and Jan are unbelievably tireless and enthusiastic teachers in lab.

“I would strongly advise everyone to watch for the next course offering and save themselves a place. Whether you plan to use needles, laser, pressure or current to disarm those trigger points, you will find this course amazing.”

—Alicia Z Karas MS, DVM, Dipl. ACVA
Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Tufts University, North Grafton, MA

“I would like to personally thank you for the amazing seminar this weekend. I have already started using the information on clients’ dogs. Most of my clients are performance dogs, coming for a spinal manipulation tune up. Since I am not yet set up to sedate, I used laser of a few TrPts I found in the multifidis muscles. Nothing short of amazing. The dogs melted in my hands, we had to wake them up to send them home. I had 8 dogs yesterday and 4 more today, so already have 12 dogs under my belt. I am trying to sort out how to incorporate this into my bodywork sessions. I look forward to helping more dogs on a deeper level than ever before. The information Drs. Wall and Dommerholt provided might well be the missing piece I have needed to make my canine (and possibly my equine) elite athletes better. Time will tell. Many of the patients I have worked on in the last 2 days have scheduled rechecks sooner than I would have seen them otherwise at their request. Owners see a difference immediately. Thanks to your wonderful staff and all the hospitality as well. A top notch experience all the way around.”

—Kathy Topham, DVM, CCRT, VSMT, CVMA, Pawsitive Results, Mantua, OH

“In February 2012, at The Center for Veterinary Pain Management and Rehabilitation (The Woodlands, Texas), my life has undergone an epiphany! I attended the 1st Canine Trigger Point Therapy Program offered by Myopain Seminars. Twenty-three participants enrolled in the course and all judged the course to be a HUGE success! With the formalization of this curriculum, Myopain Seminars clearly makes the impact of a multidisciplinary approach to veterinary pain management. Our course lecturers were Drs. Jan Dommerholt and Rick Wall.

“Examples of topics that were included in the course were muscle review, theory of myofascial trigger points, dry-needling lab, mechanisms of pain, and diagnostic factors.

“What I took away from this seminar was the contribution of myofascial trigger points to musculoskeletal pain in our veterinary patients and far beyond into visceral-somatic pain, orthopedic, neurologic and many other areas. We were encouraged to look beyond how we were taught to approach cases in our school curriculums.

“I could go on indefinitely about this program, but suffice it to say that you will positively add to your pain management knowledge and understanding. I cannot recommend this seminar highly enough and I encourage all to participate when the opportunity arises!”

—Mary Ellen Goldberg BS, VMT, LVT, CVT, SRA
Instructor at VetMedteam, LLC, Faculty at Mannheimer Foundation, Inc., Lion Country Safari Hospital,
Director at Large & Executive Secretary at International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management,
Veterinary Medical Technologist, Surgical Research Anesthetist

On the Manual Trigger Point Courses

“Stew Wild is one of the best instructors I have come across and I have learnt to palpate every single muscle and treat individually rather than as a group”

“I have learnt so much from the course and thanks to the instructor Stew Wild for his great teaching skills”