Dr. Jenny Wickford has a broad range of experience, having worked in Sweden, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, in public and private contexts, with humanitarian development work and in universities. She set up Sweden’s first pelvic pain centre in Linköping, Sweden. She engages in continuous learning and professional development, through teaching and participating in courses, taking a critically reflective approach in her clinical work, and through dissection. She currently has a private practice in the Southwest UK, with a particular focus on challenging persistent pelvic pain and endometriosis.

Jenny is also interested in human interaction/collaboration and global health. Her doctoral thesis was on intercultural learning and professional development, based on research done in Afghanistan. She has a keen interest in developing, providing and promoting health services from a sustainable, holistic and collaborative perspective. In particular, this pertains to the education and support of those suffering from pelvic pain.


Jenny is a physiotherapist (PhD), yoga teacher, educator and health enthusiast with an international heart and a love of the outdoors, rock climbing, yoga, cycling, running and hiking. Her particular interest professionally and clinically is pain related to the pelvis and abdomen, endometriosis, as well as wellbeing and health promotion.

PhD physiotherapist, Certified Mulligans Practitioner (CMP), Certified Dry Needling Practitioner (CMTPT), yoga teacher.