Use this form to recertify your CMTPT/DN certification.


To stay certified, you must have completed ONE of these 5 actions below:


1.) Attend a Myopain Seminars Advanced course, such as 'Mastery & Update of Dry Needling", "Fu Subcutaneous Needling", "Canine Trigger Point Management".

2.) Retook any previously attended Myopain Seminars Course, such as DN-1, DN-2, or DN-3.
3.) Published a dry needling or manual therapy paper in a peer-reviewed journal.
4.) Published a pain science paper in a peer-reviewed journal.
5.) Presented a lecture about dry needling at a national or international professional congress.
Completing ANY of these actions in the five-year span after you received your certificate will renew it for another 5 years.