Beyond Dry Needling - Learn about the scientific basis and clinical applications of Myopain Seminars/Eureka Seminars Programs that do not focus on usual Trigger Point Dry Needling.....


In this free webinar, Fascial Manipulation-Stecco® Instructors Larry Steinbeck, PT, MS, and Colleen Whiteford, PT, DPT, OCS, will give an overview of the Fascial Manipulation-Stecco® approach (FM). Based on the work of Italian physiotherapist Luigi Stecco, this method embraces a global, total-body perspective based on history, movement, palpation, and treatment targeting the connective tissues and specifically fascial interfaces.  Research highlighting this seamless soft tissue network will be reviewed, as well as case examples and published reports of the efficacy of this method.  Join us to learn more about this approach which is utilized all over the world

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn more about the Fascial Manipulation® approach!

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