Beyond Dry Needling - Learn about the scientific basis and clinical applications of Myopain Seminars/Eureka Seminars Programs that do not focus on the usual Trigger Point Dry Needling.....


In this free webinar, Ms. Maria Calatayud, equine physiotherapist, and Dr. Maria Resano, veterinarian and equine physiotherapist, will present an introduction to equine dry needling.  Where Myopain Seminars has been offering canine dry needling courses for several years, trigger points (TrPs) have also been described in horses, although equine dry needling is rarely mentioned in the scientific literature. Identifying the source of pain in a horse can be challenging; the severity of TrPs can be assessed through the horse’s behavioral reaction to palpation. The presenters will describe how they approach equine dry needling including several case reports.