Beyond Dry Needling - Learn about the scientific basis and clinical applications of Myopain Seminars/Eureka Seminars Programs that do not focus on our usual Trigger Point Dry Needling.....

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05:00 PM EDT - 06:00 PM EDT


Presented by Blair Green
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Pelvic Pain affects up to 1/3 of women (not to mention men). When considering sources of pelvic pain, the muscles in the pelvic floor cannot be ignored. In addition, several muscle groups can refer to the pelvic region and the pelvic floor. Dry needling is one intervention that can be helpful when treating this population. Many questions exist about when dry needling is appropriate and how to perform dry needling in the pelvic floor region. This webinar will touch upon all of these subjects and leave you feeling more confident about incorporating trigger point dry needling in this population.