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Eureka Seminars

Contemporary Manual Therapy: Cervical Spine

This intermediate level seminar is designed to provide the clinician with a systematic approach towards the management of cervical spine disorders.

3-day course

Cranio Facial Therapy Academy 1

The CRAFTA-1 Foundations course consists of three parts: CRAFTA-1a, CRAFTA-OM (Online Module) and CRAFTA-1b Please click on "sessions" for detailed date information

4-day/24 hour on-line/4-day

Cranio Facial Therapy Academy 2

The CRAFTA-2 consists of two parts: CRAFTA-2a and CRAFTA-2b. Please Click on "sessions" for detailed date information

Two 4-day segments (8-day total)

Fascial Manipulation® 2

Please click on "sessions" for detailed dates information

Two 3-day courses

Fascial Manipulation® Level 1 Hybrid Course

After you register, you will receive information about accessing the FM1aH online portion of the course

Online + Webinar + 3-day in-pers

Introduction to Men’s Health PT

A course for novice and experienced physical therapists

3-day course

The Playground Approach

External-Focus Exercise + Pain Science

2-day course

Resources-Books, Needles, etc.

Fu Subcutaneous Needle Applicator

FSN Needles and Applicator are used for Functional Fascia Therapeutics (FFT)

FSN Needle Applicator

Fu Subcutaneous Needles (FSN)

FSN Needles are used during the Functional Fascia Therapeutics (FFT) course

FSN Needles

Manual Therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes An Evidence and Clinical-Informed Approach

This book is not required but is a useful adjunct for DN and MTT


Myofascial Trigger Points: Pathophysiology and Evidence-Informed Diagnosis and Management

This book is the required textbook for the Myopain Seminars Manual Trigger Point Therapy courses


Trigger Point Dry Needling: an Evidence and Clinical Based Approach

Textbook is required for DN1, DN2 & DN3, DN for Pelvic Pain, and Mastery & Update courses



Dry Needling Webinar 3.

The Scientific Basis

3.5 hours

Dry Needling Webinar 1

The Scientific Basis

3.5 hours

Dry Needling Webinar 2

The Scientific Basis

3.5 hours