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Specific Course Discounts

Take advantage of special course discounts. Please check your eligibility before applying a discount. After you select a specific discount code, you need to request the code by completing the form at the bottom of this page. Combinations of discounts are not permitted.

Realize your mistake?

Did you start your dry needling education with another course provider and now you realize that you will be better off with the dry needling course program by Myopain Seminars? Use this code to receive a 50% discount on the Myopain Seminars Dry Needling 1 (DN-1) course.

50% off

Dry Needling 1 (DN-1)

Active or Retired Military Personnel

10% off

All course programs of Myopain Seminars and Eureka Seminars

Proof of Military ID is required

Recent Graduates

Did you graduate from your entry-level professional degree program (i.e., physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, etc) within the past two years?

10% off

Dry Needling 1 and 2 (DN-1 & 2) and Manual Trigger Point Therapy 1-3 (MTT 1, 2 & 3)

Proof of graduation and the graduation date are required.

Full-time Faculty

If you are a full-time faculty of a school of physical therapy, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the Dry Needling 1 and 2 (DN-1 & 2) courses.

10% off

Dry Needling 1 and 2 (DN-1 & 2)

Proof of faculty position is required

Coming Back

Already completed a Myopain Seminars or Eureka Seminars course but want to attend the same course again?

50% off

Previous Course Completion

Physical Therapy Residents

10% off

Dry Needling 1 and 2 (DN-1 & 2)

Proof of resident status is required

Course Discounts

To receive the appropriate discount coupon, complete the fields below.

After you complete the fields , Myopain Seminars will contact you with the proper discount code.

You will need to submit to us proof of eligibility.

Realize your mistake: copy of the dry needling course certificate of another course provider.

Active or Retired Military Personnel: copy of military ID.

Recent Graduates: copy of diploma.

Full-time Faculty: copy of faculty status.

Coming back: date of completion of a previous Myopain Seminars course.

Physical Therapy Residents: proof of residency.

Remember that combinations of discounts are not permitted.
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