Myopain Seminars and Eureka Seminars Clinician Directory

Dedicated and Qualified Clinicians

Find a Clinician is a directory to locate clinicians near you certified by Myopain Seminars. Only clinicians who have completed one or more of the prestigious Myopain Seminars Course programs listed in the pop-up and who have passed practical and theoretical exams will be included in the directory.

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Please keep in mind that the information listed on FAC is accessible to the public. The directory only includes information about the clinician’s practice; private or personal information about the clinician is not included.

Clinicians, who have completed any of the qualifications listed above, will be invited to complete and submit the registration form for inclusion in the FAC.

NOTE: If you are a Myopain Seminars graduate who has met the qualifications, you should receive an invitation to complete a registration form. If you have met all qualifications and have not been invited to participate, please click on the “Contact us” button below. State your name and qualifications and request to be included in Find-A-Clinician. Providing the date and location of your certification exam will speed up the process. Please allow us a couple of weeks to process your information.

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