Welcome to Our Find a Clinician Directory!

Clinicians who have a Myopain Seminars certification are eligible to advertise their capabilities and services by adding a listing on our Find a Clinician (FAC) directory. This is a great opportunity to display your new credentials and generate visibility for your practice. Adding a listing is easy and will pay dividends in the long term for your organization and your personal development as a practitioner.

Register Here

Step 1: Create a profile
If you have been certified by Myopain Seminars and aren’t currently listed on our directory, you’re eligible to create a new listing. First, you’ll need to register using the link above. Once completed, it will be submitted to Myopain Seminars for approval. If approved, you’ll receive an email alerting you that you are approved to create a new listing.

Step 2: Add a new listing
After completing signup and logging in to your user profile account (click “CLINICIAN LOGIN”), you can click on the “ADD MY LISTING” button on the same page to start the process. Don’t worry if you don’t see the “CLINICIAN LOGIN” button, that means you’re already logged in.

Step 3: Fill out the new listing form
First, select a category that applies to you, and then select the free listing plan. Next, you can add the rest of your information. Once submitted, your entry will be sent to Myopain Seminars for approval.

Questions? Contact us here.

Reminders for Clinicians:

  • Only those who have completed a Myopain Seminars certification like CMTPT and passed the theoretical and practical exams are eligible for listing.
  • Certifications from other educational institutions are not eligible for registration.
  • All listings and edits to listings are subject to approval or rejection by Myopain Seminars. Information is displayed EXACTLY how it’s entered while completing the listing workflow.