How to Maintain Your Myopain Seminars Certification

You’re Officially Certified – What’s Next?

Congratulations on completing one of our course programs. Earning a Myopain Seminars certification is a big deal! You attended several courses, watched video presentations, studied lectures and a trigger point dry needling textbook, and passed challenging practical and theoretical examinations. Being certified, for example, in trigger point dry needling, is a significant achievement. It demands an ongoing commitment to expanding your knowledge and skills by staying current on the latest scientific updates and treatment techniques. Holding a Myopain Seminars certification shows that you are a dedicated professional with the best in mind for your patients. If you ever were to be challenged in court, your certification will speak to your professional attitude, your specialized knowledge and skills, and your abilities to perform dry needling or manual therapy at the highest level (check out our other blog on this topic).

Maintaining & Renewing Your Myopain Seminars Certification

Based on our research and recommendations from several accreditation agencies, Myopain Seminars started adding expiration dates to our certification programs in 2018. We regularly update our course curriculum to ensure you’re receiving a relevant education that’s ahead of the curve. Due to the fast pace at which new developments appear in the fields we present, the skills and techniques that are taught in our current course programs could be safer and more effective than what was taught five years ago. Therefore, from July 2018 onwards, all certifications issued by Myopain Seminars feature an expiration date of five years after issuance. Your certification wouldn’t expire if you graduated before July 2018, but we still strongly recommend that you renew your certification.

Bring Visibility to Your Certification & Practice

With your certification, you have the ability to bring new treatments to your patients under your new distinguished credentials that will elevate your clinical skills. Be sure to register as an accredited practitioner through our Find a Clinician directory if you haven’t already. Joining our network of clinicians is a great way to bring visibility to your practice by showing patients that you’re backed by the Myopain Seminars name. If you’re a qualified Myopain Seminars graduate, you should’ve received an email invitation to complete our registration form. If you can’t find the invite, you can register now on our website.

The growing Myopain Seminars network of clinicians

Renewing Your Myopain Seminars Certification Is Easy

Maintaining your certification shows your commitment to high-level patient care and appreciation of scientific advances. Compared to the initial examinations, renewing your certification is going to be a bit easier! To maintain your Myopain Seminars certification, you have a range of available options. At any point during the five years between receiving your certification and expiration, you can complete one of the following:

  1. Attend at least one advanced level Myopain Seminars course
  2. Publish a dry needling or manual therapy paper in a peer-reviewed journal
  3. Publish a pain science paper in a peer-reviewed journal
  4. Present a lecture about dry needling at a national or international professional congress
  5. Retake any previously attended Myopain Seminars course

In addition, you must be in good standing with your professional license board.

If publishing and presenting aren’t feasible options for you, and you aren’t interested in retaking a previously attended course, Myopain Seminars offers several advanced-level courses that expand upon the curriculum presented in our core course programs:

Even though retaking a previously-attended Myopain Seminars course may seem like a waste of time and money, the truth is it’s far from it! As we mentioned previously, new developments are constantly shifting the clinical landscape. If you took Dry Needling 1: Foundations I five years ago, chances are that the curriculum our instructors are presenting today is quite different than how you remembered it. It’s important to reinforce your skills and maintain that competitive advantage that comes with displaying your credentials. Additionally, we offer a Returning Students Discount if you’ve already completed the course you’re attending again.

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Requirements Recap & Additional Information

To maintain active certification status, you must apply for renewal of certification to Myopain Seminars every five years. The advanced course, published article, teaching, etc., must occur within five years from the date of your certification to count for that period. If you complete more than one of the requirements during the five years, you can’t carry over any achievements into the next 5-year period.

For example, if you graduated in November of 2018, you need to complete the minimum requirements any time before November 2023. No later than October 2023, you need to submit the re-certification form with supporting documentation to our administrative offices with an administrative fee of $50 to be recertified for another five years. Once your credentials have been verified, you will receive a new certificate.

If you are not applying for renewal of your certification at the end of the five years or do not produce the required supporting documentation at that time, your certification will expire.

Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT, President & CEO, Myopain Seminars

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