Jerrish Jose

Jerrish Jose
PT, CMTPT - Assistant Instructor

Jerrish Jose

PT, CMTPT – Assistant Instructor
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Instructor Bio

Jerrish Jose PT, CMTPT is an assistant instructor at the Myopain Seminars office in Bangalore, India. He is a Senior Consultant in Physiotherapy and Ergonomics. He is the Head, Dept. of Physiotherapy and General Manager Corporate Services at RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore, India. Jerrish is a member of the Federation of Indian Manual Therapists and the Indian Association of Physiotherapists. He has had Corporate Ergonomics Postings in McKinsey (New Delhi, Mumbai), British Gas (Mumbai) and Cisco (Bangalore), and has provided ergonomics consultancy to industries in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Bangladesh. He is a frequent presenter at international conferences in Brazil, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, and South Korea, among many others.

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