Starkówiec Piatkowski 24
Starkówiec Piatkowski 63-013

For international participants, it is best to fly into Poznań. The airport is Poznań-Ławica (, about 50 km from the stables. The stable is close to the S11 expressway, so participants from Poland are advised to come by car.

The nearest train station is about 10 km from the stables, in Środa Wielkopolska.

The phone number of Stable Konski Raj is +48 694 430 682.

Accommodations nearby include:

5 km from Hotel Boss (
6 km from Hotel Darz Bór (
6 km from Dworek Brodowo (
5 km from Hotel Polowczyk (
5 km from Centrum rekreacyjne Bagatelka (
7 km from Agrotourism Zielone Zacisze (

The course fee for Polish citizens is €997. To register, contact

Upon approval, students will receive a registration code to register on the Myopain Seminars website. Enter the code in the box labeled "Promotional Coide" and select "Apply."