Course Summary

Renew your CMTPT/DN certification.

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Course Summary

Renew your CMTPT/DN certification.

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A CMTPT/DN Certificate through Myopain Seminars is valid for 5 years from the date it was obtained. Certifications must be renewed every 5 years.


This is required for anyone who received their CMTPT/DN on July 2018 and onwards. If you were certified before July 2018, your certification does not expire but it is still strongly recommended. 


To maintain your certification, you have a range of options available. At any point during the five years between receiving your certification and its expiration, you can complete ONE of the following:


1. Attend an advanced level Myopain Seminars course (Such as Dry Needling Clinical Pearls & Review, Fu Subcutaneous, Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain etc.)

2. Retake ANY previously attended Myopain course (DN-1, DN-2, or DN-3. Available for you at a 50% discount)

3. Publish a dry needling or manual therapy paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

4. Publish a pain science paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

5. Present a lecture about dry needling at a national or international professional congress.


Completing ONE of these actions will renew your certificate for an additional 5 years from the point it was obtained. For example, if you became CMTPT/DN certified in August 2020, and complete an advanced level Myopain course in 2023, your renewed certificate will be valid until August 2030.


Maintaining your certification shows your commitment to high-level patient care and appreciation of scientific advances!

If you have completed one of the recertification tasks above and are ready to re-certify, continue with this application by clicking "Register". A $50 fee to renew will apply. 



Must have a CMTPT/DN certification.