Instruction Without Compromise

Corporations or associations looking to provide consistent and in-depth training for their employees can bring Myopain Seminars to their workplace by hosting or sponsoring a course. This opportunity saves travel, hotel and meal expenses resulting from company-wide excursions to a traditional Myopain course. Myopain Seminars holds every instructor to the same high standard. Myopain instructors have passed our certification examinations and have at least 10 years of clinical experience. Additionally, instructors will have a combination of:

  • A minimum of 5 years of clinical dry needling experience
  • A PhD degree or a transitional DPT degree
  • Fellowship status in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists
  • OCS certified
  • A minimum of 5 years of teaching experience in a master or doctoral physical therapy program

Sponsoring a Myopain Seminars Course

Sponsored Myopain Seminars courses are in-house corporate courses that are exclusively available to your employees. Small class sizes and personalized coursework will maximize your student’s learning experience without distraction from students outside your organization.


Why Sponsor One of Our Courses?


Maximize Engagement

Your employees will get exclusive access to our instructors and classes. This will result in a more engaging and enriching learning experience that is targeting your specific organization, as compared to the generic scope of traditional courses. All of your employees will have the same knowledge base and skillset, which ensures consistency and expertise.


Fundraising Opportunities

Sponsoring a Myopain Seminars course can create a fundraising opportunity that will help you raise money while also linking your organization to the reputable Myopain Seminars name. Use your sponsorship as a selling point by showing that your employees received dedicated training and hands-on experience. Our courses are recognized nationally and are a prestigious addition to your organization’s pedigree.


Offers Revenue Opportunities

Sponsored courses eliminate all costs associated with travel and lodging to attend a traditional Myopain Seminars course. Additionally, the cost is bundled during a sponsorship. This significantly lowers the cost-per-student, making sponsorship much more economical than purchasing individual seats for your students.

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Hosting a Myopain Seminars Course

If your organization wants the same quality in-house training as sponsoring a course but doesn’t have enough students, hosting a Myopain Seminars course is an accessible alternative. By opening up your in-house classroom to other students in your community, your students will receive on the job training while your organization gains recognition as a promoter of education.


Become a Regional Hub of Excellence

The course programs available for organizations to host are dry needling, Manual Trigger Point Therapy, and most other course programs.


Learn from the Best Instructors Around

Your Myopain Seminars instructors are held to very high standards and are among the most skilled clinicians in the practice. Courses will be led by pain education experts in multiple fields including dry needling, cervical spine disorders, trigger points, and more.


Grow Your Organization

Our courses give your organization new revenue generating opportunities by expanding the capabilities of your employees to perform techniques that are quickly growing in popularity. Improve your relationships with your patients by offering another method of managing their pain, and gain visibility in your community by promoting and hosting educational initiatives.

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Corporate Partners

Our corporate clients include the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Athletico, Pivot Physical Therapy, the Detroit Lions, and many physiotherapy associations throughout the US and abroad, among others. Myopain Seminars is their Obvious Choice. Check out our partners section.

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