Dry Needling Certification Program

The Myopain Seminars Dry Needling Certification Program is the premier course program for attaining your Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist – Dry Needling (CMTPT/DN) credentials and certification. By enrolling in our program and attending Myopain Seminars courses, you’re making the decision to not only progress your career as a clinician but also elevate your capabilities above others in your field. You’ll bring new treatment options to the table for alleviating your patients’ pain, and your practice will have access to the latest developments in pain science.

Your Roadmap to Mastering Dry Needling Starts Here

Flexible certification options in dry needling for various schedules and learning preferences. With courses across the country and online webinars, it’s easy to meet CEU requirements and advance your skills.

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Dry Needling

The Dry Needling Certification progresses from foundational knowledge in DN-1, through clinical applications in DN-2, to advanced techniques in DN-3. It covers the basics, safety standards, myofascial pain, and specific muscle group needling, tailored for practitioners aiming to enhance their dry needling expertise.

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Dry Needling of Athletes

Myopain Seminars offers a Dry Needling for Athletes Certification, tailored for athletic trainers. Combining expert insights with practical applications, it’s designed to enhance athlete care across amateur and professional sports, leveraging experiences from top sports leagues and organizations.

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Occupational Therapy Dry Needling

This course is specifically crafted for OTs and led by industry experts including our Founder Dr. Jan Dommerholt. These specialized programs aim to elevate the dry needling capabilities of occupational therapists, ultimately awarding them with the distinctive Occupational Therapy Dry Needling Certification.

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Trigger Point Acupuncture / Dry Needling

The Trigger Point Acupuncture / Dry Needling Certification provides acupuncturists with a comprehensive, evidence-informed approach to treating myofascial trigger points, seamlessly integrating traditional acupuncture with modern dry needling techniques to enhance their therapeutic skill set.

Go Further by Becoming an Expert Clinical DN Specialist

After completing any of our “starter” Dry Needling Certification Programs, elevate your skills even further by attending one of our advanced dry needling courses.

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Dry Needling Clinical Pearls & Review

Dry Needling Clinical Pearls & Review addresses questions that skilled dry needling clinicians may have after completing the CMTPT Course Program. This course will focus on mastering and perfecting your skills, learning advanced and updated techniques, as well as exploring the newest research. We will discuss case studies that have been submitted by participants prior to the course for hands-on and customized learning.

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Fu Subcutaneous Needling – American Version

The Fu Subcutaneous Needling – American Version Course (FSN) is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to fascial needling by areas of the body utilizing ROM assessment, treatment skills, and techniques specific to the field of myofascial pain and muscle dysfunction. This course will incorporate prior learning of myofascial pain, trigger points, and their referral patterns, as well as unique needling techniques.

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Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain

The Dry Needling for Pelvic Pain course is designed with the pelvic health practitioner in mind. It improves the proficiency of dry needling skills in these providers while maintaining focus on the muscles most commonly treated in people with chronic pelvic pain and other types of pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Advanced Courses in Headache, CRAFTA, and Pelvic Pain Management

Distinguish your practice in challenging areas with specialized techniques that provide targeted and effective treatments proven to improve patient outcomes.

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Headaches in Children Course

The Headaches in Children course covers pediatric headaches, focusing on classification, mechanisms, and evidence-based treatments. It teaches assessment and intervention strategies for areas like the TMJ and cervical spine, alongside education on headache management and lifestyle modifications.

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Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise in Headache

Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise provides updates on migraine and headache treatment, emphasizing assessment, myofascial trigger points, and practical strategies. It combines exercise, manual therapy, pain neuroscience education, and clinical reasoning for effective physical therapy.

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Men’s Health Physical Therapy

The Men’s Health PT course includes a detailed history-taking of the complex conditions men with pelvic dysfunction present with. Conditions focused on will be male pelvic pain, male athletic pelvic pain, hard flaccid syndrome, post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence, and post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction. 

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The Cranio Facial Therapy Academy (CRAFTA) Program

The CRAFTA courses provide training in craniofacial therapy, structured into two levels. CRAFTA-1 establishes foundational skills through a mix of online learning and two in-person sessions, while CRAFTA-2 advances these techniques across two further segments, enriching participants’ expertise.

Clinicians Eligible to Attend Our Dry Needling Courses

Practicing Clinicians from the following professions are eligible to attend our dry needling courses.

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Acupuncturists

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Chiropractors

  • Dentists

  • Veterinarians

  • Physicians

  • Physician Assistants

  • Nurses

  • Nurse Practitioners

Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, and Occupational Therapy students in their senior year are eligible and welcome to attend the DN-1 course or the OT-DN-1 course, respectively.

Proof of student status is required. As many states require that dry needling education must be completed as a post-graduate activity, it is not clear which states will indeed honor pre-graduate dry needling education.

The Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners has informed Myopain Seminars that students cannot earn Continuing Education Units, and courses attended before graduation cannot be applied to achieving Dry Needling status in Maryland.

We recommend checking with your state board to get the details. Myopain Seminars does not assume any liability if and when a state board does not accept pre-graduation dry needling education.

Final-year medical and dental students are eligible and welcome to attend our dry needling courses. Physical Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapy Assistants are not eligible to attend any Myopain Seminars dry needling courses.

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