Functional Anatomy

At Myopain Seminars, we are excited about our new collaboration with Julian Baker who will be offering a Live Streamed Dissection Class from November 9-14, 2020. The class will run for two hours each day starting at 12 noon PST. You can find out what time the class is where you are by clicking here.

Several Myopain Seminars instructors attended one of Julian’s dissection courses a few years ago. The courses were outstanding and challenged our belief systems. What we were taught about anatomy during our physical therapy studies was not necessarily supported by the facts! Julian’s dissection courses motivated us to offer our own Dry Needling Dissection courses.

I don’t hesitate to challenge some of the ‘sacred cows’ of therapy. There are many times that I am presented with ‘facts’ from therapists that are not supported by the evidence of the cadaver and I will not hesitate to fly in the face of established convention if the evidence does not support the theory!

The Live Streamed Dissection Class promises participants “a six-day journey into the human form.”  Throughout the course, students will explore pretty much the entire body. Each session will examine a specific area of the body, starting with superficial and adipose tissues and ending with an exploration of the viscera, brain, and central nervous system. This course is a must for every manual therapist, massage therapist, and bodyworker.  Julian’s dissection classes are aimed at transforming the practice of therapists and to better equip them to help their clients. Throughout the course, he will discuss the physiology and relevance of the tissues being dissecting and explore how movement and therapy approaches might affect or influence them.  All sessions are recorded and will be available for viewing any time in the future at no extra costs! Even when you are not able to attend the class during the live sessions, register anyway to watch the dissection class whenever you want!​

About Julian Baker

Julian is a highly experienced therapist and teacher. While he is not an anatomist, he understands the body, how it moves, functions, and feels. He is able to interpret instinctive feelings into explanations that make sense.  A great anatomist can know every bit of a body but know nothing about the human condition or even how it moves.  Julian’s dissections are not just a series of stories or naming of anatomical parts, but more a collection of exploring why, what, and how people present the way they do. Having attended Julian’s courses, we are confident that watching this dissection class will change the way you think about your treatment and the way you work.  

Donors give their bodies so that their gift will benefit others after their death and my intention is to help you all do just that and make their gift worthwhile.

Costs of the Course

Perhaps the most amazing part of this collaboration is that you can attend the six-day Live Streamed Dissection Class for just £150 (currently about US $195), which includes a one-hour advance orientation session, access to two free 90 minute sessions on fascia science and anatomical approaches, more than 30 webinars, and future Live Streamed Dissection Classes! Did you know that Julian Baker interviewed Jan Dommerholt about “all things myofascial and dry needling?” By registering for this course, you will have access to this webinar and many more!

By using the discount code MyopainSeminars (case-sensitive), you will get a £20 (currently about US $25) discount on the already very low price of this unique dissection class!

Register here. (Note that registration for the Live Streamed Dissection Class is not through the Myopain Seminars website!)

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