Course participants frequently refer challenging patients with chronic pain syndromes for evaluation and treatment to the offices of Dr. Jan Dommerholt (Bethesda Physiocare or PhysioFitness). Common medical diagnoses include myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, craniomandibular pain and dysfunction, chronic low back pain, persistent headaches, etc. Bethesda Physiocare and PhysioFitness offer an integrated evaluation and treatment program, consisting of a comprehensive evaluation completed by Dr. Michelle Layton, Dr. Maria Arini, or Dr. Jan Dommerholt. We may consult with or refer the patient to other healthcare providers such as a neurologist board certification in pain management, a clinical social worker, neurosurgeon, geneticist, or neuro-radiologist.

Following the evaluation process, a detailed written pain management plan will be developed for both the patient and the referring clinician, Patients either return home for therapy, or schedule follow-up visits at our clinics. Referring clinicians have the opportunity to join their patients to Bethesda Physiocare or PhysioFitness to observe the evaluation process, which provides an additional learning opportunity.

To refer a patient to Bethesda Physiocare or PhysioFitness, please contact our practice administrator, Ms. Melissa Tucker, at 301.656.5613 or by email to schedule the initial evaluation.

In addition to referring patients to Dr. Dommerholt, all faculty of Myopain Seminars are able to provide high-level diagnostic and management services. Neurology and pain management evaluations and treatments are available at:

Ms. Katie Adams and Mr. Stewart Wild provide excellent manual trigger point treatments and other related services in Needham, MA. (360 Neuromuscular Therapy).