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November 13, 2021

Myopain Seminars has resumed teaching all courses at all locations in the US. In all courses, we follow CDC guidelines and require masks for all course participants and instructors during all courses. Instructors may lecture without a mask.

We recognize that we are currently in a transition phase and during this phase, the recommendations and requirements may continue to change. We are also aware that in some states, state laws and regulations may dictate whether wearing masks can be mandated. In those states, we strongly recommend that all students and instructors wear face masks.

For corporate courses, the policies of the sponsoring corporation will be followed.

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The Myopain Seminars name stands for superior and original dry needling and manual trigger point courses. We offer a wide range of dry needling courses, including our esteemed certification program, but also equine and canine DN, DN for Pelvic Pain, Trigger Point Acupuncture, etc.


Eureka Seminars features outstanding courses with a different twist than commonly taught in the US. Often, we bring in foreign thought leaders, as in our pelvic pain and CRAFTA courses. Eureka Seminars courses do not have a trigger point focus.

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