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Myopain Seminars for
Dry Needling

Postgraduate course programs for physical therapists, physicians, dentists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, athletic trainers, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, and other healthcare providers.

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Who Should Take Our Courses?


If you are interested in advancing your career and clinical skills, Myopain Seminars and Eureka Seminars offer the right courses for you.


Take advantage of our corporate course programs, increase your local competitiveness, and have your clinicians on the same page!. See more

3 Reasons to Study with Myopain Seminars

The original source that inspired many other course programs around the world


Study with the source

  • Drs. Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT and Robert Gerwin, MD studied and worked with Drs. Travell and Simons. Why not study with the source? Our other courses are also taught by world leaders in their field
  • Our CRAFTA courses are conducted by its founder Dr. Harry von Piekartz, PT, PhD and his staff
  • Our Fascial Manipulation® courses are taught by Antonio Stecco, MD, PhD and other accredited faculty such as Larry Steinbeck.
  • Our other craniofacial / TMJ courses are taught by instructors with the highest levels of certifications, such as Dr. Jeffrey Mannheimer and Michael Karegeannes


Very high standards

Did you know that the instructors of our dry needling courses, for example, have not only passed our certification examinations, but also have completed a combination of:

  • Multiple years of clinical dry needling experience
  • A PhD degree
  • A transitional DPT degree
  • Fellowship status in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists
  • OCS certified
  • A minimum of 5 years of teaching experience in a master or doctoral physical therapy program
  • Diplomate status in the American Association of Integrative Pain Management

We apply similar requirements to the instructors of all our courses. All instructors of Myopain Seminars meet or exceed our high professional standards for integrity, compassion, teaching skills, and genuine interest in our students.


Comprehensive programs

All course programs offered by Myopain Seminars provide in-depth information combined with many clinical skills. While our dry needling courses are most recognized, our other course programs are similar in nature: comprehensive, in-depth, high level, such as:

  • Manual Trigger Point Therapy
  • Fascial Manipulation®
  • Manual therapy
  • among others

Looking for a Clinician trained by Myopain Seminars?

Our graduates have completed the highest level of post-graduate training.


See what our students and corporate partners think of Myopain Seminars.

The Myopain Senimars dry needling courses are the best courses I have taken and I have taken them all. The instructors’ professionalism, knowledge, and passion were evident and they were one of the reasons the courses were that great. I am more proud of my CMTPT credentials than any of my other credentials. I highly recommend this dry needling program!

Sam Anderson, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, ATC/L, CMTPT

Mesa, AZ

Dr. Dommerholt is a fantastic instructor and received accolades from our entire staff of physiotherapists throughout the course. The course materials he provided and additional resources and recommendations have allowed our staff to integrate this treatment following this intensive training course.

Todd S. Ellenbecker, DPT, MS, SCS, OCS, CSCS

Director of Sports Medicine, ATP World Tour

Career changing and epiphany would be descriptors of how it has changed my practice even after just one dry needling course! At first a little skeptical, I now use dry needling in lieu of any modalities. In just the last 3 months my practice has evolved to the point where requests from patients for Dry Needling has exceeded the time I have to help all those seeking to benefit from this amazingly powerful therapeutic intervention. With respect and appreciation.

Mark Strickland, PT, OCS, MTC, Cert MDT, CFC, CCTT

Associate Professor, Univ. of St. Augustine, FL

Thank you for bringing CRAFTA to the States. I really value the high quality of education that Myopain Seminars provides and setting the bar higher for physical therapists that went to kip advancing in their field. I really value the relationships and networking opportunities that I develop through class participation and instructors.  Thank you!.

Dr. Grace Tang, PT, DPT, CCTT

Morrisville, NC

The Introduction to Canine Trigger Points Course was the most impressive 2-day learning experience I have ever had. Trigger point therapy will help a majority of my chronic pain patients (and some of those I see ‘recovering’ from surgery who aren’t yet my patients as I work with surgeons). I am confident that this will transform my ability to treat patients.

Alicia Z Karas MS, DVM, Dipl. ACVA

Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Tufts University, North Grafton, MA

Fantastic course with superb clinical relevance and lab times. One of the best courses start to finish I’ve taken in the last 10 years!

Brad Eyler, PT, DPT

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