James has practiced and taught in the field of holistic medicine for over 26 years. He is integral to the Institute for Anatomical Research where he continues to advance his skill and develop curriculum to expand the knowledge of anatomy for a versatile community of practitioners.

Respected author, consultant, and professor, Jim has touched the lives of not only his many clients, but students and colleagues as well. His books Holistic Bodywork: Blending Modern and Ancient Bodywork Principles, and Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Elemental Approach, have been a standard text for associate degree programs and instructor training programs throughout the United States. 

Through his work with program development and education at the institute, James shares his knowledge utilizing innovative and interesting educational methods, from the traditional lecture to creating maps for educational relay races. Combining a talent for teaching with unparalleled knowledge and skill in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy, James shares his passion and love for healing in an effort to alleviate imbalance for all that seek mind, body, and spirit restoration.