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CRAFTA Jam Session

Focused review and practice of CRAFTA techniques limited to 10 participants

1.5-2 hours

Cranio Facial Therapy Academy - Special Topics

Students will learn the mechanisms of cranio-cervical and vestibular-ocular (dys) function of postural control.

4-day course

Cranio Facial Therapy Academy 1

The CRAFTA-1 Foundations course consists of three parts: CRAFTA-1a - November 2-5, 2023 or November 7-10, 2024 CRAFTA-OM (Online Module) between 1a&1b CRAFTA-1b - January 25-28, 2024 or January 11-14, 2025 Note: The registration Fee covers all course components:

4-day course

Cranio Facial Therapy Academy 2

The CRAFTA-2 consists of two parts: CRAFTA-2a (April 29,-May 2, 2023) and CRAFTA-2b (June 8-11, 2023)

Two 4-day segments (8-day total)