Lot’s of exciting events happen during our courses……..


Frequently, students of the Myopain Seminars or Eureka Seminars courses get more than they bargained for. During the courses, they may be “treated” by another student or in some cases by the instructor for some kind of ailment they may have been dealing with for months or even years! Here are a few of the many stories:

Have a look at what happened when the abdominal muscles were treated with dry needling:

Dr. Janet Travell, a cardiologist and pharmacologist, described how a common site of trigger points on the right chest wall in between the fifth and sixth rib is frequently linked to cardiac arrhythmia.  During one of the DN needling courses, one of the students came up to the instructor and reported that she had been suffering from mysterious cardiac issues for a while. She was scheduled to undergo ablation therapy.  Here is her story:

In yet another course, ironman athlete and physical therapist Kristin Dryden discussed how dry needling changed her athletic ability:

Occupational therapist Kelly Soyring reports how dry needling of her pterygoid muscles made all the difference:

Physical therapist Jody from Fairbanks, Alaska was glad she attended the Myopain Seminars Dry Needling Certification program:

Sure, skeptics will quickly conclude that such anecdotal stories have no scientific value and validity, but we are quite sure that lives were changed by attending the Myopain Seminars dry needling courses……

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