Dry Needling Rulings

New Jersey

Is Dry Needling Legal in New Jersey?
Attorney General Opinion – New Jersey
  • On May 24, 2022, the New Jersey Board of Physical Therapy Examiners approved the Myopain Seminars Dry Needling 1 (DN-1), Dry Needling 2 (DN-2), and Dry Needling 3 (DN-3) courses.
  • On January 18, 2022, New Jersey Governor Murphy signed bill S867 into law, which "Permits physical therapists to perform dry needling under certain circumstances." The bill went into effect on April 18, 2022, 90 days after the date of the Governor's signature.
  • On February 9, 2017, the Attorney General of New Jersey issued a statement that physical therapists are not authorized to engage in the practice of dry needling.
  • In September 2009, the New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners determined that dry needling is within the scope of physical therapy practice. The decision of the New Jersey Board has been challenged by the acupuncture lobby.