Maria Calatayud

Maria Calatayud
MSc Equine PT - Instructor

Maria Calatayud

MSc Equine PT – Instructor
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Maria Calatayud received her Physiotherapy Degree from the Cardenal Herrera CEU University of Valencia, Spain in 2008. She studied physiotherapy with the sole purpose of specializing in the physiotherapy treatment of horses. After graduation, she completed a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Osteopathic Manual Therapy while raising her children. When her youngest child was three years old, Maria was ready to commute to Madrid for a postgraduate Equine Physiotherapy course. Since then, she has been treating horses. As she observed horses in training, she reflected on the need and the possibility of improving their quality of life. Her experience as a clinician has taken her to focus on myofascial pain. She has specialized in equine and human dry needling and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree focusing on equine myofascial pain. Maria also has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Graphic Design.  She has presented at several national and international conferences and published a study in Revista Fisioterapia Invasiva/Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy:

Calatayud-Bonilla, M., Resano-Zuazu, M., & Segura-Ortí, E. (2019). Pain pressure thresholds for evaluating myofascial pain in the equine brachiocephalicus muscle. Revista Fisioterapia Invasiva/Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy2(02), 114-114

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