Shalom M. Benamú Izquierdo

Shalom M. Benamú Izquierdo
PT - Assistant Instructor

Shalom M. Benamú Izquierdo

PT – Assistant Instructor
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Instructor Bio

Shalom M. Benamú Izquierdo, PT is an assistant instructor. He is a Peruvian physical therapist specialized in musculoskeletal and sport physiotherapy. After he graduated from Federico Villarreal University in Lima, Shalom founded Terapia Manual Peru, the first company that organized international manual therapy courses in Peru. His private clinic in Lima specializes in chronic pain, spinal dysfunctions, and sport-related injuries rehabilitation. Shalom teaches manual therapy techniques and clinical reasoning process to Peruvian and Latin American physioherapists. He is the sponsor of Myopain Seminars dry needling courses in Peru and the main translator of Myopain Seminars courses in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and other Central and Latin American countries.

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